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Visit the blog to read our rainbow baby stories from this year.

You can read our 2018 stories on our Facebook page - A Place for Grace

An annual event, the "Grace Session" honors angels babies that have been lost through miscarriage,

stillbirth or infant loss.  It also serves as a platform for their brave mothers to share their stories.


 Although they have lost a great love, these mothers continue to have an incredible

sense of hope and support for one another.  

If you wish to be a part of this annual event, please use the contact button

and I will put you on the email list to receive more information.  


If you are suffering a loss, please email me and I can get you in touch with

another local mother who is willing to offer support.  


No one should travel this path alone.

The videos below are from our 2017 Session.

The photos below that are linked with our 2016 session.  


because of you, I believe in Angels

Steph's Story
Krysti Rhoads Image
Allison's Story
Susan's Story
Shelby's Story
Kristin's Story
Mandy's Story
Kristin's Story
Lauren's Story
Jessica's Story
Heather's Story
Heather's Story
Jackie's Story
Elisabeth's Story
Amy's Story
Amy's Story
Christy's Story
Christina's Story
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