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Talyn Newborn

I was so blessed that Jessica and Austin chose me to photograph their Maternity Session in October and than their newborn session this month! It always makes me feel lucky when people chose ME to photograph their sessions. Anyway, we had a beautiful day at Grings Mill in Wyomissing.

I love maternity sessions because I am able to spend time getting to know the parents before baby arrives. I was able to get to know their sweet and funny personalities better and we had a blast! They were good sports in allowing me to do different and creative poses, and also added sweet details and had great ideas. I left that our session so excited to photograph their baby girl.

On January 4th, 2 weeks before her due date, Miss Talyn decided to join the world. (I think she couldn't wait to meet her awesome parents!) Petite at only 5 lbs, she was one of my easiest babies and a total sweetheart. We started off with this sweet purple headband that Jessica had picked out and paired with a crocheted blanket. I love to add parent touches to the sessions. All the details she had picked out showed how much time and thought she had put into the session! I love that because I put a lot of time and thought into sessions as well. I try to make the sessions as personal as possible! :)

A couple months ago, I bought this sweet outfit from Mia Joy Studios and Talyn was my very girl newborn to model it. She went from being sleepy and content to be a little uncomfortable and I couldn't figure out why she wouldn't settle like she had previously in our session. She soon made a huge mess and realized that her belly must have just been a little uncomfy!

I tell all my parents, it's just part of the job. I don't mind a little baby poo every once and a while. We clean it up and move on.

I couldn't help but capture her expression! Just Look how happy she is!

After changing and a feeding, Miss T was so comfy being all swaddled up and fell right back to sleep. How sweet!!!

We just HAD to include this butterfly blanket....

Austin's mom made it! How talented right? We just had to include it and I left her wrapped up because she was loving being all snuggled up. Who wouldn't right?!

One of my all time favorite sets, is this sweet one from Squishy Baby Stuff. You can find them on Facebook. I love that it makes my newborn girls look like sweet little dolls and little Miss T was no different!

Another one of my favorite props is this box. It has a little chalkboard side that I can add their name to it. I love that detail (although you can't see it!). Doesn't she look super sweet in pink and glitter?!

We then moved to crib and parent shots in the nursery. Her nursery was decorated in little butterflies. Once again, Jessica had every detail taken care of. (I think that's why I like her so much! She's just like me! :))

Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. -Elizabeth Stone

XOXO - Danielle


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