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Featured Senior - Paige

I had the privilege to photography Paige's best friend, Taylor this fall and then of course, I had to photograph Paige as well. I could tell immediately why they are best friends. Both sweet, very down to earth and fun to be around, but also very different in styles.

Paige was really open to suggestions with posing and spots and was also very adventerous when we tiptoed into the edge of a local farmer's field and I hoisted her up onto the hay bale!! Mom and Dad must have been laughing at us from up on the hill. I also thought it was sweet that she wanted to get a photograph with her dogs!! I love dog people!

This is what Paige sent me about herself...

"When I was younger I was really into sports, but my absolute favorite has always been basketball. To this day I love the feeling I get when I make a basket and the feeling I get from being out on the court with my teammates. I love to spend time with them and all my other friends as well as my family. Nothing is more important to me than keeping a close relationship with the people that make my life as great as it is. I'm part of student council and I am the Vice President of our school's prom club. After I'm finished with high school I plan on continuing my education at either Alvernia University or West Chester University to major in Nursing and minor in Spanish. I think it would be amazing to help people everyday and push myself to face any challenges that may arise."

Can you believe that these were taken on a playground?!

{Her senior photos are some of my favorites I've taken so far...shhh...don't tell my other seniors!}

XOXO - Danielle

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