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Lifetouch School Portraits {just my thoughts}

So today was preschool photo day for my oldest {he's 4}! Of course I had to pick out his outfit, make sure his face was free of the muffins he ate for breakfast and put all his little hairs in place...which is easy because he doesn't have much!

That being said, I have a love/hate relationship with Lifetouch. I like the school portraits for the memories and to look back and see that cheesy grin but I also don't like them because you get the cheesy grin. It's so fake and I wish they would take one outside. I realize this time of the year, the weather is awful but in the fall it's beautiful!!!

Our preschool photo day had three choices. You had the blue/green/gray background choice, a treehouse with "Kids Only" sign and you could bring your favorite thing. When I told T that he could bring his favorite thing, of course we had to bring Snoopy!!

I like the way they did photos this year for one reason...because I got proofs right away instead of waiting to get the prints and then sending back the ones you don't want. I mean, how can you send back the ones you don't want? What do they do with them? Anyway, they printed his three little smiley photos on the order sheet and you can order online. I LOVE TO ORDER ONLINE! I was however disappointed that although I ordered online, I still have to wait until all the other parents order online. I purchased the digital images but then realized it was on a cd, so I still have to wait 3 weeks for his cheesy photos to be placed on a disc and sent to me!

Of course being the mom/photographer, I had to use picture day to my advantage and take my own photographs which I love even more because I got his real smile!! Little brother joined in too which I loved!!

XOXO - Danielle

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