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Dear Mama, Babies Don't Keep.

"You cannot get this day back.

You will never have this moment again.

Firsts only come once.

The y will not always wake up every hour.

The "brand new" scent in her hair only lasts for a bit.

Her squeals will soon become words.

Her gums will soon sprout teeth.

Tantrums make funny stories.

Tiptoeing into your bed in the middle of the night is just a phase.

Sooner or later she will stop holding your hand in public.

Someday she will call you Mom instead of Mama."

Happy one month baby Girl!

Here's just three of my favorites...

Enjoy this day!

XOXO - Danielle

White layer: Blue Stone Sky

Pink Headband: Cora Bloom

Fur: Bed Bath and Beyond

Cream Blanket: Ikea

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