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Ella, Newborn

Happy One Month, Ella! I have a love/hate relationship writing these blog posts. I LOVE sharing these images with you but so sad that I'm wishing these sweet newborns a ONE MONTH birthday already!

These parents were two of the sweetest people you could possibly meet. I always tell my parents to get comfortable wherever they want and although mom sat on the couch, I could tell she just really wanted to watch and peek in on our sweet baby!! {Which is totally fine by me}. They were even up to taking her outside for a set up which is always my favorite! I love outdoor sessions.

I love her sweet awake little face!

I just had to add this one to her gallery! She was pretty mad at me at this point but I love her little adorable!

White Knitted Wrap and Hat: Squishy Baby Stuff

Pink Layer and Wrap: Cora Bloom

Green Wrap: Dolly Priss

I forget where the quilted layer is from! I have a slightttt quilt obsession lately so if you ever find a really ripped old one, PLEASE send it my way!

XOXO - Danielle

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