Berks County Summer Fun

If you're like me, you are excited it's summer and ready to explore with your kiddos! So, I reached out to my favorite mommies and have compiled all our ideas into one place. They had some good ones! There was ones I've heard about and new ones that I can't wait to explore.


My church, Calvary Bible Fellowship Church in Sinking Spring is having their Vacation Bible School on June 27, 28, 29 and 30th from 6-8pm. The theme is "Meet the Master Builder". Your children will learn bible lessons as they participate in small group activities, play games, sing songs and build legos! They will have a blast. You can sign up at

If you can't make this one, a lot of other churches have a Vacation Bible School as well!


How fun is creek walking?! They have different exhibits they change around during the year. Right now there are two huge moving dinosaurs outside! We've also visited Clifford and Curious George in the kids wing of the museum!


We recently explored this place with our friends. The boys loved playing on the big "ark". I 'm not sure if it's an ark or a pirate ship, but we have the same one at our church as we call it Noah's ark so that's what they think it is! Anyway...we packed lunch and had a picnic there, bought goat food for $1.50 and fed all the animals. Then we went inside their cute little diner and enjoyed ICE CREAM! Yum!!

Isn't this little ice cream face the sweetest?!

Speaking of ice cream, we have the cutest little ice cream truck that travels around our neighborhood so when we hear the music, we have to run out and track it down! Our last adventure, we ran around the neighborhood barefoot until we finally found it! Downside of living on a dead end street I guess!