Charlotte, Newborn

Charlotte is becoming a popular name I think! This is my second newborn Charlotte this year. I also photograph a special little guy name Charlie and I have another sweet little client name Charlotte, but they call her Charlie! Anyway, it's the sweetest and all my Charlotte/Charlies are near to my heart!

This little sweet pea was PERFECT! She had the most FANTASTIC parents and she was easy breezy to pose. We even added another set up because we had extra time. We were able to photograph her naked on the beanbag, in the cradle, in a basket, on the elephant they brought (how cute!), with mom and dad and in another pink outfit. What an angel. I posted a bunch on Facebook but here are some more sneak peeks and ones you've never seen before...


Pink Outfit, Wrap and Headband: Cora Bloom

Quilt: Oh Love Props

Green Wrap: Dolly Priss

Rose Quilt: Antique Find for $1 THANKS MOM!




#newborngirl #Quilts

DSC_3114 copy.jpg


My photography is so much more than taking a photograph; it’s about creating memories. I tend to fall in love with my clients and build friendships that last through the years. When I picked up my first camera all those years ago, I never imagined it turning into a career that I love so much.

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