Every Superhero needs a sidekick...

I had the most special session last night and although I can't share the images yet, I wanted to share the backstory, because it really was the sweetest idea!

Mom contacted me a couple weeks ago, because she was pregnant with baby 2 and wanted capture her current son's excitement when they told him. So she dressed him like a superhero and he held a sign that says "Every Superhero needs a sidekick..." He was pretty excited to be at the photoshoot but had no idea WHY he was there. He asked me what the sign said a couple times during photos, and finally his mom went over to him and asked him if he wanted to know what it really said. So she told him that she was going to have a baby. The look on his face was priceless. He kept staring at her, smiling and saying "REALLY!" a couple times and when mom said YES!, he ran over to her and gave her a long hug. {then he commented on her fat belly!}.

They gave him the ultrasound photo to hold as well and he stuck his own belly out which was pretty cute!! Then he started naming the belly. I think he settled on Peanut Butter.

Hopefully he keeps the secret a little longer...

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My photography is so much more than taking a photograph; it’s about creating memories. I tend to fall in love with my clients and build friendships that last through the years. When I picked up my first camera all those years ago, I never imagined it turning into a career that I love so much.

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