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Susan's Story

"When I found out that I was pregnant, I knew right away that I was having a girl. The first thing I did was buy a pink dress. A few nights later, I had a dream that I named her Savannah.... At my 20 week ultrasound, I was ecstatic! I was having a girl! But I knew that something was not right. The technician continued to go to the same spot.

Moments later, the Dr came in & had a certain look on his face. He then asked to see me in his office.. It was then that he told me that my baby girl had a hole in her diaphragm (Diaphragmatic Hernia). I went home that day & stayed up half the night researching. I felt confident in my decision to go through with my pregnancy because there was hope after she was born~ surgery to repair the hole.

Unfortunately, from week 23-33 weeks, my blood pressure went up & pre-eclampsia kicked in. I was on bed rest from 28 weeks-33 weeks (in the hospital @32 weeks). On Sunday September 23, 2007, I was scrap booking in the hospital when the Dr came rushing in and said that they must deliver right away.

She was this absolutely beautiful baby girl. She was whisked away by Dr's to be taken to the NICU. I spent every single day there by her side for 2 weeks. Surgery was not an option, because she was too week, due to being born too early. On October 8th, Savannah passed away in my arms... The very first time that I ever held my beautiful baby girl... Since this day, I have never been the same... Maybe one day, it will all make sense."

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