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Elisabeth's Story

It started out as a normal pregnancy for us. At 19 weeks in my pregnancy we went in for ultrasound when we found out that our baby's kidneys never developed. He didn't have any kidneys, a condition that's called bilateral Potter's syndrome. He is safe in my womb but he will not survive outside the womb because his lungs will not be able to develop.

We're given the choice to terminate the pregnancy, but we refused to do it. Instead I made it my mission to pray and ask God to spare his life. At 37 weeks I went into labor. I gave birth to him via an emergency c-section but unfortunately he was gone already when he came out.

April 12, 2013 at 11:56 Alexander Edward Bialas was born and died. He lives in our hearts forever. The dress that I wore at the photo session was the dress I wore on Easter 2013, 12 days before I gave birth to him.


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