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October 13, 2016

"The date was August 24,2010.  I went for my monthly check up going into my 29th week.  During check up, my baby’s heartbeat couldn’t be found.  After many attempts, Dr Ghattas ordered an ultrasound and sent me to the hospital. 


My husband, Ryan met me there to confirm the unthinkable all over that screen.  The radiologist couldn’t discuss anything. So we went back to Dr office to discuss with tears pouring, in shock, angry, confused and completely broken hearted. Dr. Ghattas gave us the final results and ordered us back to hospital to prep for labor and delivery.  I remember the initial anger my husband was feeling, I said I really need you to be strong for us to get through this, and he was! 


I had Sebastian on Thursday, August 25 at 8:13 AM, weighing 1lb, 13oz, 13.5 in.  Sebastian suffered from a cord accident where the umbilical cord was severely wrapped around his neck.  During this time we were able to spend time with him, all of our closest friends and family who were able, came to visit to say their hellos and goodbyes.  We were able to get some photos, hold him for just a short while in our arms, while forever in our hearts.  He was blessed by a Sister through St Joseph’s. Funeral service was held the following Monday. 


hanks to the support of our loving families for uniting to prepare just about all details and arrangements, while also supporting us any way possible.  We were given a crepe myrtle and a cherry blossom tree in honor of his memory, which are growing very well in our backyard.  Ryan and I got our thumbprints and Sebastian's footprints engraved in jewelry pieces we wear daily.  I wanted to make sure I had a necklace so the placement was always at heart.  We also got his footprints and name tattooed.  We still honor and celebrate him through holidays and birthdays.  He’d be six years old now and in 1st grade.  So just a short 6 months following this we were blessed and surprised with the news that I was pregnant…  With TWINS!  Sophia and Norah are happy, healthy 5 year olds who also love their big brother in heaven!"



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My photography is so much more than taking a photograph; it’s about creating memories. I tend to fall in love with my clients and build friendships that last through the years. When I picked up my first camera all those years ago, I never imagined it turning into a career that I love so much.

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