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Christy's Story

"On October 18th my husband Kenny and I found out we were expecting Baby G. I could not wait for my daughter Kailyn to be a big sister. On December 6th Kailyn announced at her 9th Birthday Party that she was going to be a big sister. February 28th we hosted a gender reveal party. Most of our family and friends came in blue. Everyone thought for sure it was going to be a boy. Kailyn opened a huge box where pink balloons came floating out. It was perfect. We were ecstatic to be having a little girl. Our entire pregnancy was perfect. Every appointment there was a strong heartbeat and strong movements. On June 15th 2015 Christy started to have contractions. Kailyn and Kenny helped time the contractions. When they were getting close enough we decided to call the doctor. He told us to make our way in. As soon as we got up to the room they hooked me up to the machines. There was one problem. They couldn't find Baby G's heartbeat. I honestly thought the machine was broken but my husband knew something was wrong. I told him it's fine, something's just wrong with the machine. The nurses called in for an ultrasound. From that moment on my life was changed. They told us that our daughter had passed away. I could not believe this happened. I just kept saying to myself how could this happened. Why us? On June 16th at 3:46 am Kylie Ann Greiss was born still. She was 21 1/2 inches long and 7.1 lbs. It broke my heart to leave the hospital without my baby. A few days later we held Kylie's funeral. That day my husband and I realized what great friends and family we have. Kylie is buried in a beautiful place in Oley. Even though Kylie isn't here with us we feel her presence through the visits from butterflies and cardinals. We love you and miss you so much Kylie!

These are my footprints,

so perfect and so small.

These tiny footprints

never touched the ground at all.

Not one tiny footprint,

for now I have wings.

These tiny footprints were meant

for other things.

You will hear my tiny footprints,

in the patter of the rain.

Gentle drops like angel's tears,

of joy and not from pain.

You will see my tiny footprints,

in each butterflies' lazy dance.

I'll let you know I'm with you,

if you just give me the chance.

You will see my tiny footprints,

in the rustle of the leaves.

I will whisper names into the wind,

and call each one that grieves.

Most of all, these tiny footprints,

are found on Mommy and Daddy's hearts.

'Cause even though I'm gone now,

We'll never truly part."

Berks County Photography

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