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Heather's Story

"When our oldest daughter, Madison May, was about four years old, my husband and I were finally ready to try for a second child. After a few months of trying, we conceived but were devastated to find out that after 8 weeks there was no longer a heartbeat. We had told almost everyone that we were expecting, so that was probably the hardest part - going through the pain each time I had to tell someone what had happened. I opted to have a natural miscarriage which happened a few weeks later on January 18, 2009. We were blessed with a Rainbow Baby, Brooke Madison on December 6, 2009.

A few years later, we were surprised to find out that I was pregnant again. We were so excited. I experienced a little bit of spotting, which I thought was normal, but during my first ultrasound, the doctor found that our healthy baby, Sophia Marie, had a twin who had not made it. He showed us the sac that had formed but it was empty. I sometimes imagine her playing and growing up with her twin.

I believe I will meet my little angel babies someday and look forward to the day I can hold them just as I have held their three beautiful sisters."

Berks County Photography

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