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My Crazy Life

This fall has been busy (<---- that might be the understatement of the year). Not only was I swamped with handling the photography business, doing paperwork, meeting new clients, photographing families and babies, but both of my boys are born in the fall. We celebrated both their birthdays and their party within 11 days of one another!

I also took on a photography and social media volunteer position at my church which has completely blessed my life! It also keeps me busy and happy! If you haven't seen our light show, please come visit!! It ends December 22nd.

Summer seemed to blend right into Fall and we are only 2 weeks away from Christmas! Anyway, that was a lengthly way of saying that this website and my blog especially has been sadly mistreated. If I haven't blogged our session, I am so sorry! I am working on it, I promise! THANK YOU for making me busy, for making me smile, for sending me sweet messages and Christmas cards. You are the reason my heart is completely full!

Here are some of my favorites of my boys from the last couple of months and if you get all the way to the bottom, you'll get to see a shot of my dogs! Just because they are awesome!

My mom makes these awesome cookies!!!

Swim lessons were our favorite!! <3

I am wrapping up my 2016 sessions and looking forward to 2017. Please email me to get on my schedule as soon as possible as it fills up quickly!



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