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Strick Family

What a special family this is! Not only is little Tanner the youngest of four, but he's also the only boy!! I had meet his two oldest sisters this past summer for a mermaid session and it was nice to meet the rest of the siblings. The girls were so sweet and polite. I enjoyed every minute of this family session.

On February 9th, Tanner will be heading into surgery to correct a fused bone in his skull. His momma wanted some photographs of him before then because he'll look a little different. I know the family would appreciate some extra prayers and love.

My favorite part of this session was the blanket that they brought with them. The girls had made a blanket for tanner, but had kept special pieces for themselves so they can all be connected while he's at the hospital. They love him so much. It was a blessing to photograph. Here are some of my favorites...

XOXO - Danielle

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