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Howard, Newborn

When life gets busy, this blog gets sorely neglected! The past two months have been insane for our family. In January we decided to move, so it's been a lot of prep work! We really put our faith in God and he has been so faithful to us. We sold our house in just 6 days and 4 showings, and then we put an offer in on the second house we looked at (but it was one that we had looked at online for 6 months). We have begun the packing process which is not fun for someone like me who really likes organization!

With this being said, I am not taking anymore sessions until mid-May. Once we move, we are finishing our basement so I will have a temporary 4th bedroom or dining room studio until it's done!

This little guy is my last little newborn in my home studio which is a little bittersweet. I loved him so much and I'll miss my little space for awhile! I actually had the pleasure of photographing his mom and dad's wedding before ever formally meeting them. I also photographed his big brother, Collin as a little bitty newborn and am so happy to see their family growing.

He was a perfect baby and didn't make a peep!

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