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Sneak Peek Inside the Studio

I'm just one of those people who loves to move stuff around - are you like me?

At our old house, I used to start by cleaning under the couch and by the time my {amazing} husband would come home from work, the entire living room would be rearranged! He'd sigh and say it looked great, because he knew it wouldn't stay like that for long anyway. Now that we've moved to this house, I can no longer rearrange the living room furniture, so I end up moving things in my studio quite a bit!

Can you believe that 8 months ago this room was chocolate brown? One of the first things on my to do list when we moved was to paint it white and I love it. It's a small space, but perfect for what I need. The white makes it so much more light and airy.

Living in Berks County and photographing newborns has been so amazing. I love connecting with my little clients as well as all of their amazing parents.


Come with me as I give you a photo tour...

This is the parent area. The couch is from Walmart. <--- You can find it there. The carpet is from Kmart, Pillows from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Getting mail is one of the things that makes me smile! I've received all these cute cards in the form of Christmas cards and birth announcements in the past couple months and am so happy to display them on my wall.

...another part of the parent area. I include magazines, snacks and drinks (they're chillin in the fridge!) Most parents like to catch up on social media or do some work. I encourage all my parents to relax, bring a computer to get work done or just surf on their phone! They can even bring their own snacks or lunch if they feel so inclined!

This is where the baby magic takes place. I wish I could link my beanbag but I forget the brand. It's layered with towels and blankets to keep raise it up a little higher or else my back is hurting after a session.

The box on the left has burp cloths, and different little towels to help put under the blankets to keep babies shape. I also have a lint roller, paper towels and wipes.

You can find my sound machine HERE.

My headbands are in a jar until I can figure out how or if I want to hang them...

This changing table was a yard sale find and I painted it white to match the decor. The shelves store my most used layers, along with some chunky blankets and quilt pieces.

My changing table cover is washed after every newborn session (as are the blankets and wraps) and I do provide wipes if needed.

I switched to studio lighting a little over a year and a half now and I wouldn't go back. I have the ability to use natural light, as I do have a window right next to my floor-drop but the light helps with the consistency of my photographs.

I have two floor drops - white and stained wood, which works out well, because I have two different prop areas already set up for when baby arrives. Both drops were originally wood , but I recently painted one white for diversity and I love it! I have the ability to use just the floor for newborns or I can photograph toddlers with the white wall as the backdrop. The cream backdrop was one I used in December and just haven't taken down yet {I kind of like it}.

My wrap drawer (minus some that are out and ready for tomorrow's newborn and the ones that are underneath).

My favorite wrap store is The Cloth Apothecary.

These are my cute stuffies that I've collected over the last couple months. My six year old likes to come in and see the little bear. He says he looks a little grumpy!

Thanks for checking out my studio! If you ever have questions, feel free to message me and I will answer them the best I can!



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