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Tip Tuesday - Baby Safety

There are so many questions to ask your newborn photographer other than just what they charge...

How much experience do you have handling newborns?

Working strictly part-time, I've photographed 40+ newborns in 2016 and 2017.

{It's probably a little higher but I don't want to over-estimate...I really should go back and count. Stay tuned for the 'real' count!}.

This year I've decided to specialize in newborns and families. My 5th newborn was just born, so the first 26 days of 2018 is off to a quick start!

Some other things to consider...

Do you wash their baby blankets, hats, outfits, wraps, changing table, etc. after EACH session?

I feel like the obvious answer to this questions should be YES! Everything that touches the newborn is washed after each session. Blankets, towels, receiving blankets and thicker wraps are machine washed in dye-free laundry detergent. Thinner wraps and hats are hand-washed. The changing table is even washed after each session.

That's why I'm never upset if baby poops or pees on something because it gets washed anyway!

How do you handle baby safety?

My babies are always secure and safe in any prop or pose that I put them in. They are never ever ever left by themselves - if I need to step away or get a wrap, hat or adjust my camera lenses, I ask mom or dad to be a spotter and sit next to the beanbag or prop. For specific beanbag poses, like hands on arms (below), I have extra hands right above their head just in case of a startle or shudder.

While in a pose, I frequently check their color in their hands and feet to make sure they have proper circulation and their feet aren't purple or blue {if they would be, I could move their pose - but babies are very comfortable and secure}. I follow baby's lead. If they aren't into a pose, then we skip it.

If baby is in a potato sack pose (baby is straight up and down BUT super sturdy), I have mom or dad's hand on their body or an inch above their heads. You just never know when baby is going to startle or move.

Potato Sack Pose

Straight off the Camera

Spotter has hand right behind baby's head.

The afters (above + below)

Do you have any other questions you'd like answered? Email me and I'll be sure to answer them on the next Tuesday Tip!

Thanks for stopping by! - Danielle

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