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Friday Introductions - Berks County Photographer

Hi! Welcome to this little space of mine. Overtime, this website and my social media accounts have really grown and evolved. It's part sneak peeks for clients + part journal where I share tidbits about my own life, kids + faith.

This photography journey started about 8 or 9 years ago when I picked up my first camera, a Nikon D40 at our local best buy. I had no idea about photography and enlisted anyone I could so I could experiment - my mom, my best friend, dogs, flowers, my husband (fiancé at the time)...Overtime I moved from the D40 to the D90 to a D7100 and finally went I started this as a career almost three years ago, I upgraded one more time to Nikon D750 full-frame camera.

For about 6 years, I dabbled in photography, while teaching preschoolers 5 days a week. I loved my job, the kids, my co-teachers, loved it all, but after my sweet little guys were born I really felt the need to be home with them. Even though they were right down the hall, I felt like I was missing it all, so when the boys were 2 and 3, I left my job to stay home with them. I also decided to pursue photography on a more 'part-time' basis. For those of you who run/own/help with a small business, you realize how much time and dedication you can put in to it, so sometimes I consider myself 'part-time', but carry full-time hours!

My boys are getting bigger (by the second I swear) and are becoming their own people. Travis is almost done with Kindergarten and Ethan is 4 months away from starting Kindergarten. It's hard to wrap my mind around the fact that in a couple months, BOTH my boys will be living independent lives from me. It's a weird feeling. I think a lot of moms can relate - you go from being their source of everything for 5 years to having their teacher see them more than you do and not really knowing what they do during the day. Are they sad? Tired? Are people being kind? Are they being kind? It's also an exciting time for me, because after the summer I will have more time to bury into this business without a little boy shouting 'momma' during the day. That little boy...who isn't so so ready and excited to be in big school with his brother. He's so smart (do all moms say that? but he really is) and I know he's going to do great!

Lately we've been busy with soccer three days a week, church, school, preschool, my husband's new position in his career, some gardening, friends and family and lots + lots of photography clients!

(this is my grandmother - isn't she so sweet?!)

#8 all the way!

A lot of people don't know that I also do the photography for my church - Calvary Bible Fellowship in Sinking Spring - and I coordinate/run their social media accounts, so that adds another dimension to my busy life. I love it so much. The people there are the BEST and I've truly met life-long friends there. We've been attending for over 4 years now and really love it. I can't even explain the peace my soul has being there - it feels like home.

As for the summer, I really feel the need to spend more quality time with these boys. I'll be limiting some of my available days during the summer but will still be here - I promise. I'm also looking into different ways I can mentor new professionals and start teaching (have to put that teaching degree to good use sometime!).

So THANK YOU! Thank you for coming to learn a little more about me. In turn, I love learning about you and being part of your life, if only for a small portion of it. I love having new Facebook friends so I can watch your littles grow in between our sessions. It's so fulfilling. I'm honestly so so so thankful to have social media. It's such a good way to stay in touch!

Here are a few of my favorites from this past month...

I do have a class coming up over the summer just in case you are interested in learning more about your camera. I'd love to teach you! Click the contact button to learn more and book your session!

The obligatory Easter with cousins photo (someone is always making a funny face!)

XOXO - Danielle

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