Gilbert Family, Berks County Photographer

This family was such a pleasure to work with. I loved capturing their sweet little boy for his (almost) 1st birthday, and even though he wasn't a fan of sitting in the grass, we still captured some sweet moments.

Tip + Trick - if a kiddo just isn't loving their birthday cake (which is usually the case), place some cheerios or puffs in the back of it so it looks like they are reaching for the cake. Also, make sure that the cake is room temperature so that the icing is soft and easy to dig right in!

Enjoy the photographs from the Gilbert Session!


DSC_3114 copy.jpg


My photography is so much more than taking a photograph; it’s about creating memories. I tend to fall in love with my clients and build friendships that last through the years. When I picked up my first camera all those years ago, I never imagined it turning into a career that I love so much.

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