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Rainbow Babies

Beauty. Strength. Resilience.

These are just a few words that come to mind when I look at this photo. 6 perfect strangers with one common denominator, an unspoken sisterhood; Pregnancy and Infant Loss.

Even though we are all a part of the same undesired club, our stories are so different and completely unique. Just within this small group, we have endured the struggle of infertility. We have suffered and survived 1st, 2nd, 3rd trimester losses, and SIDS.

We have had our hearts broken into a million pieces and we’ve been robbed of our dreams.

We’ve experienced grief so ugly, it takes your breath away and leaves you wondering how you will ever carry on.

But somehow we overcame our fears and forged on. We picked ourselves up and we pushed through the anxiety and worry. We held on to the little scrap of faith we had left and against all odds, something beautiful happened.

Miracle. Wonder. Hope.

A few more words to describe the end result of our challenging journeys that make the heartbreak and pain make sense. These beautiful, precious babies have changed us and in some cases, saved our lives.

A rainbow baby is a term used for a child born after a miscarriage or the loss of an infant — A phenomenon that appears after the storm. Our rainbow babies are nothing short of a miracle. Each and every single one of them radiate love, beauty, and innocence.

These children are not replacements. They are part of a grander design, filled with a profound purpose. They were sent here to help heal our broken hearts and celebrate the short time we had with their siblings.

Selfless. Talented. Compassionate.

The last few words describe the lady behind the lens. Danielle started The Grace Sessions a few years ago to help support the loss community. In just a few years, it’s (regrettably) grown but given strength and encouragement to so many; especially those who feel alone or too ashamed to share their stories. She has helped us heal in so many ways by sharing our stories and capturing moments like these that we will cherish forever.

To read their individual stories.


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