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Finally a Fraser

I'm hashtagging this session! My beautiful friends, Marc and Lara finally adopted their foster kiddos, so #finallyafraser sounds pretty great right?

They've had a long journey. There have been so many bumps and heartache, but through it all, they have trusted in God's goodness and have been such an inspiration to all of those around them. E and R are so incredibly lucky to be welcomed into the best family.

I couldn't have been more hyped when Lara text me to say it was ADOPTION TIME! I cleared my schedule, charged my camera and tried not to cry the whole time (even though I didn't succeed in that last part). I couldn't wait until the judge finished up so I could get my camera out and start snapping.

A family isn't one you are born into.

This family chose each other.

They started their family with three beautiful children and decided life wasn't complete. They welcome Eli as a little one, had to send him home for a short while but were blessed to welcome him back where he is going to stay FOREVER. Little R arrived as a little one and will have the honor of being the "baby" of the Fraser family forever.

"Born not from our flesh, but born into our hearts.

You were longed for, wanted, and loved from the start."


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