What does it take to be a VIPKID teacher - from a newbie!

I am 14 days into my VIPKID teacher journey, and the question that keeps popping up in my messages is "Do you love it?".

Here we go! The short answer is YES!

In 5th grade, I remember telling my social studies teacher that when she retired, I was going to teach in her classroom. Although I'm not currently in a classroom, I love kids. I love being part of their learning. I love seeing them successful and happy. From time to time I find myself missing my preschool classroom and my kids (who are now middle school and high schoolers!). I love the challenge of having new faces every day.

VIPKID has been so fun for me. I get excited when I click the "start class" and get to see their face for the first time. I get SUPER excited when I get a new booking and do a happy dance :)

What's the VIPKID process?

Their app will walk you through the steps, but first you have to answer some quick questions. If you pass this stage, you'll go to the demo stage.

In this stage you can do the smart demo, recorded demo or live.

Smart Demo - You answer 5 questions and record yourself teaching one slide for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. This is what I did and I think the easiest. I wasn't ready to do a live yet and just wanted to practice!

Live Demo - You do a demo with a real VIPKID person (adult, not child).

Recorded Demo - I believe you have to record yourself teaching for 10 minutes, although I didn't pick this option so I'm not sure the time limit.

When your demo is approved, you'll go on to the mock classroom. They give you two sets of slides - A and B. You will schedule a time and go into a classroom with a VIPKID teacher. They will say hello, answer any questions you have and then you have 10 minutes to teach one set of the slides they pick for you. They'll give you some feedback and within 48 hours, you should have your answer. Mine came within 20 minutes!

If you pass the mock classroom, you'll start your paperwork. You need to complete a background check, photo of your bachelors degree, teaching certificate (or complete their class), and you'll have to submit photos and a video.

If you don't pass the mock classroom, they'll send you feedback and you can schedule another try! A lot of people need extra practice because this is a brand-new platform and some are new to teaching.

Once your paperwork is approved and your contract is signed, you open the your time slots and get ready to teach.