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Cake Smash, Miss M

First Birthdays are so special. They are momentous occasions. You spent nine months with this precious baby in your belly and it seems like their first birthday comes before you can blink. 12 whole months. Learning to hold up their head, eat, crawl, babble, walk, sleep through the night (hopefully?), hug and kiss, play, and the list goes on and on...

And of course you MUST celebrate their first birthday with cake. I mean why not? It's funny to see the way different kinds attack their cake.

There is the messy approach where the birthday kiddo goes all in with their hands, face and feet. That one is pretty funny and usually is met with a sugar rush later!

There is the dainty, we only eat with a fork, kiddo! (usually a girl) ;)

Then there is birthday boy/girl who refuses to get their hands messy. This little one was the latter. She dug in with only her face! So Sweet!!!

Check it out below...

Cake is by Ady Cakes in West Reading! I love their smash cakes (and cupcakes!)

This is the part where she tried to wanted to be on my lap!

Don't forget to schedule your child's first birthday cake smash!! :)

XOXO - Danielle

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