Ocean City, Maryland...

Ocean City, Maryland is by far one of my FAVORITE places on earth! I feel like I have this gravitation towards it since that's where my parents used to take me. I could easily live at the beach all year round...

I'm a people watcher by nature. I like observing people and I find them interesting. I tend to like to fade into the background and the beach is one of the best places to do that. There are SO many people there and I find the mix of people fascinating. My favorite place at the beach is the boardwalk. I love all the different shops, different kinds of foods, rides, sweets and at night, you can watch the sunset. Now that I'm a photographer, I have a favorite spot to do beach photographs where I can catch the beautiful sunset and then on our way back I can capture the colorful lights from the ferris wheel. I take way too many photographs while we are on vacation and it takes me awhile to get home and edit them all. I used to just take photographs in JPEG {basically you don't "have" to edit them}, but now my camera stays in RAW {unprocessed} and I love to edit and see the end result!

Here are some oldies but goodies that I pulled up from our previous vacations. Each year has been a new experience, especially since having kids. We went from 1 to 2 kids fairly quickly which added extra "supplies" to our list. You all know what I mean! I'm so OCD. Each year I make a list and then I revise it! We only had one year with just one child so we've always had a hectic BUT FUN beach trip but now that they are older {hallelujah no more swim diapers, pack and plays or naps}, it makes it a little more manageable!

Its funny how different my boys are on vacation. Travis would spend the entire vacation at the Candy Kitchen, at the pool and on the rides whereas Ethan loves building and playing in the sand and playing in the ocean! My husband Joe has to visit the Fractured Prune for donuts at least once {or twice} and luckily there is a little shop on the boardwalk right by our condo!

They both LOVED our quick trip to Assateaque Island last year when we were up close and personal to the beautiful wild horses!

{Secret...sometimes I make to do lists, but I write stuff on it that I've already done so that I already feel accomplished!! haha}

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