What I Learned...

My family and I just spent 7 days in Ocean City, Maryland. We aren't one of those families who does a huge trip. We both have pretty small families. He has one sister and I am an only child, so we enjoy just going down the four of us. Each year, as the boys are one year older, I learn more about them. Nothing like 7 days together to learn a little bit about each other.


He's 4 1/2 and has always been my wild child. He was the kind of baby that had to have everything baby proofed. He walked before he was a year and was jumping off the couch around 13 months. He's stubborn and strong willed and he loves so intensely. He loves people and thinks that everyone wants to be his friend too.

What I learned about him...

Although he is brave, he is fearful. You should have seem him ducking around the clown toy hanging from the prize booth, or the trash can shaped like a panda bear. He was in the pool today and was afraid of the alligator pool float. Things I think are so silly but are so fearful for him. He likes jumping the waves in the ocean and isn't afraid to jump in the pool, but will absolutely FREAK OUT if you suggest that he swim without his floaties.

He has odd tastebuds. He could eat sour patch kids for dinner.every night.

He needs to repeat me to understand my directions. He also hears EVERYTHING you say even if you aren't talking to him.

He likes stuffed animals based on their facial expressions. Small stuffed animals are better than big ones! At the Candy Kitchen, they have these tiny stuffed animals and he would pick them based on if they were happy/sad and if their eyes were sparkly and what color they were.

He's learned phrases like "Nailed it" and "That's Awesome" by playing a car game on the iPad, but only HE can say it. Mom isn't allowed...

He'll smile if you bribe him with ice cream :)


He's 3 1/2 and way more mellow than his brother. He's come A LONG way in the past year. He has had speech therapy since before he was 2 and occupational therapy for six months. It was very cute to hear him asking so many questions. His favorite is "we there yet mommy?". He's my cuddle bug and my lap child. He likes to be near me and prefers me to Joe. To get him to smile, I play red light, green light with him.

What I learned about him...

He's even more mellow than I thought. He really was NOT a fan of the ocean, but was content to eat a snack or nap. He liked when I put my blanket out to lay out to tan, and asked me to do his too.

His most requested food by far was Pizza, followed by bwench bwies (because we can't say our F's...french fries!)

He learned how to jump off the side of the pool into the water and that's huge, because he's timid and he has always been a tad behind with his gross motor skills. To watch him jump in the water and laugh like crazy was so sweet to watch.

He hates rides...{saves us ticket prices}...but he would rather sit in the stroller and watch! He loves water gun games though.

His favorite candy is the striped lollipops and would eat them until his face was all different colors :)

He has hot breath when he sleeps. We all shared a king bed, which was sweet to cuddle but he likes to take up all my space!!

I'm beyond proud of this kid. He has grown so much and changed into a little preschooler. He taught himself his numbers, letters and how to count. He can spell the first couple letters of his name and I can't believe how far he's come with speech!! Here's my favorites of him...

Our Favorite Places at Ocean City

Candy Kitchen

Fisher's Popcorn

The Dough Roller

Dippin' Dots

Dead Freddie's

Dumsters Dairy Land

Trimmer's Rides and Games

Brass Balls Saloon



XOXO, Danielle

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