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Amy's Story

"On April 8, 2010, a tiny girl changed our lives forever.

That day, we found out that Kelsey's little heart was no longer beating, that she had left us sometime that morning. I was just one day short of 37 weeks pregnant. She was born later that night after a whirlwind day full of emotion. We got to spend a few hours with her and she was an absolutely beautiful baby.

A few days after her death, I heard Brian reading a book to Ian and Molly about death and grief. I heard them talking about a picture in the book, and Brian explained to them that it was the symbol for infinity. He shared as best he could what infinity meant and then asked them if that’s the way they’d like to remember Kelsey. I heard him mention that turned on its side, it looked like an 8, her birthdate, and it also looked like angel wings. From that moment on, the infinity symbol has been our “Kelsey sign” and we include our own special Kelsey sign, handmade by her Daddy, in our family photos.

I have learned so many lessons since I became her mom – lessons of friendship, love, grief, patience, and gratitude. I will share the story of Kelsey Anne Lubenow, my daughter, as often as I can."

Berks County Pregnancy and Infant Loss


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